County-Operated Buses Will Commemorate Rosa Parks With Placards

This month marks 68 years since Rosa Parks refused to give her bus seat to a White man. The county will honor her courage and activism by celebrating December as “Rosa Parks Public Transportation Month” according to a press release.

County-operated buses will have placards on them that say:

Rosa Parks: Celebrating a Civil Rights Legend. On Dec. 1, 1955, Rosa Parks’ single act of courage on a public bus in Montgomery Alabama created an unstoppable march toward justice. Her refusal to give up her seat ignited a spark that changed the course of American Civil Rights. Montgomery County Government is committed to making the County more equitable for all its residents.

The signs will be in English and Spanish.

Parks fought for her right to sit on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Her pushback as a Black woman in a southern state in the 20th century was a motivator for the furthering of the Civil Rights Movement. This event led to a city bus boycott four days later that lasted 381 days.

Residents are also encouraged to use the Montgomery County Public Library System to learn more about Parks.



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