COVID-19 Numbers Continue to Rise; 2,404 Montgomery County Cases, 70 Deaths

Montgomery County COVID-19 Statistics

According to the statistics released Saturday morning from the Maryland Department of Health, the number of Montgomery County COVID-19 cases is now 2,404. That is an increase of 124 cases in the last 24 hours.

The number of deaths in the county due to the coronavirus is 70, an increase of seven since Friday. The number of probable deaths (not yet confirmed by testing for the disease) is 16.

Maryland COVID-19 Statistics

As of Saturday morning, there are 12,308 cases of COVID-19 in Maryland, which is an increase of 736 cases from the 11,572 cases reported Friday.

The total number of deaths in Maryland due to COVID-19 is currently reported as 463, up from 425 on Friday. There is no additional information about the 38 victims at this time.

Of the total Maryland cases, 2,757 were hospitalized at some point and 771 have been released from isolation. According to the Maryland Department of Health, there have been 53,062 negative coronavirus tests in the state.

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