COVID-19 Numbers: Montgomery County Deaths at 9, County Cases Increase to 566, State Cases Now 2,758

Each morning, the Maryland Department of Health releases the number of confirmed coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, cases in the state. The number of Montgomery County coronavirus cases increased to 566, according to the health departments statistics released Friday morning.

The cases in the County continue to climb as there were 388 cases on Tuesday, which increased to  447 on Wednesday and 498 on Thursday.

As of Friday morning, there are 2,758 confirmed cases in Maryland, up from 2,331 on Thursday. The state has seen an increase of 1,098 cases since Tuesday.

The total number of deaths in Maryland due to COVID-19 is currently at 42, up from 36 Thursday. Nine of the victims were Montgomery County residents. There is no additional information about the six new victims at this time.

Thursday morning, the Maryland Department of Health reported 5 additional COVID-19 deaths in the state. According to a health department tweet Thursday evening the five victims included a Montgomery County man over 80 years of age, a Cecil County man in his 70s, a Montgomery County man in his 60s, a Baltimore County man in his 60s and a Prince George’s County woman in her 50s.

Thursday evening, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services released a statement providing an update on COVID-19 cases in the County.  As of Thursday evening, ten nursing homes have confirmed cases of COVID-19 and a three-month-old baby boy tested positive for COVID-19, was treated and released from a hospital.

Deaths reported Thursday by the Maryland Department of Health include two men in their 70s, one man in his 80s, and one man in his 40s. There have now been six COVID-19 deaths in Montgomery County.

Thursday evening, Montgomery County officials held a community briefing on the spread of COVID-19 cases. The briefing was broadcast live and a recording is available to watch here.

Montgomery County’s Coronavirus website now includes information on covid-19 cases and deaths in the County. The County’s Department of Health and Human Services will update the page twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Of the total Maryland cases, 664 were hospitalized at some point and 159 have been released from isolation. According to the Maryland Department of Health, there have been 20,932 negative coronavirus tests in the state.

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