Denizens Brewing Co. Wins Gold in World Beer Cup

Silver Spring’s Denizens Brewing Company won gold in the Brett beer category for their brew, “The Glow,” in the 2022 World Beer Cup.

The Glow is a type of “Brett” beer which uses brettanomyces yeast to ferment it, according to Denizens.

The World Beer Cup is a global competition that began in 1966, according to its website. The competition recognizes breweries in 111 categories and awards the top three competitors with gold, silver and bronze.

“Evaluating beer happens on many levels,” World Beer Cup competition director Chris Swersey said on their website. “On a professional level, beer evaluation is a form of peer review. The results are public, so consumers can learn what beers meet a high level of quality and what beers exemplify certain styles as interpreted by the judges.”



Photo credit Denizens Brewing Co. website.

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