Elrich Addresses Supreme Court Marshal Request 

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich criticized a request from Supreme Court Marshal Gail Curley asking him to enforce anti-picketing laws at court justices’ homes.

“If the marshal is concerned about security, then she and her staff should communicate directly with our police chief, myself and my staff rather than having a letter released to the press,” Elrich said during a media briefing Wednesday.

He said the letter was emailed to the public information office after it was published in the press. Elrich said he checked with Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones, who is not aware of any additional security assistance requests from the federal government. 

Last month, a California man was indicted by a federal grand jury for attempting to assassinate Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) officers arrested the suspect in the incident earlier in June. 

Elrich emphasized MCPD is “assisting the marshals who are in charge of providing security.”

Curley also sent letters to other officials including Gov. Larry Hogan.

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