City of Gaithersburg Deploys First All-Electric Vehicle

The City of Gaithersburg recently deployed the first all-electric vehicle (EV) in its municipal fleet of approximately 200 cars and trucks, the city announced in a press release.

“Electric vehicles eliminate tailpipe emissions, thus having a positive impact on air quality. This one car will reduce unleaded 87-octane gasoline use by as much as 350 gallons a year. The new Chevy Bolt will be used by Parking Enforcement staff. Two more EVs have been ordered to replace other gas-powered vehicles in the City’s fleet,” according to a City of Gaithersburg spokesperson .

The EV joins the following 24 hybrid vehicles that are already in use by city staff:

  • Police Department (15)
  • Public Works (3)
  • Planning and code Administration (2)
  • City’s Manager’s Office (3)
  • Parks, Recreation and Culture (1)

Environmental stewardship and sustainability is a key component in the city’s newly adopted Strategic Plan. One of the approaches includes reducing energy consumption from non-renewable energy sources.

The city aims to pursuit the highest level of Sustainable Maryland Certification possible. “The replacement of gas-powered vehicles with EVs allows the City to earn valuable points towards higher certification,” the spokesperson said.

The City of Gaithersburg encourages residents considering EV conversion to explore the Montgomery County EV Purchasing Cooperative Pilot. This initiate assists residents and local businesses to own or lease EVs.

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