Elrich Denounces Disruptions Made During Mask Discussion at School Board Meeting  

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich denounced disruptions made during a Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) school board meeting

On Tuesday, the school board voted unanimously to make mask-wearing optional in schools and all MCPS-provided transportation effective immediatelyDuring in-person and virtual public testimony ahead of the vote, residents discussed the school mask mandate.

At one point following video testimony in favor of face coverings, School Board President Brenda Wolff paused to admonish some in the room. 

“Look, we need you to stop being disrespectful to the videos that we are listening to, so if we can’t get that, we will have to clear the room so that we can hear the testimonies,” Wolff said.

“I have to say it was disheartening to read that a portion of yesterday’s board meeting was disrupted by people who opposed the mask mandate,” Elrich said during a weekly media briefing Wednesday. He said he is proud of how the school board handled the situation.

“On or off it’s just me. Be kind and respect my mask choice,” Elrich said, referring to a new slogan from MCPS.

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