Elrich: This Weekend We Celebrate Being ‘Freer From the Virus Than We’ve Been”

Elrich delivers remarks at the Germantown mass vaccination site Friday morning as it is set to cease operations. (Julia Nikhinson/MyMCM).

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich says this Independence Day will be freer than the last.

“This weekend we’re celebrating being a little bit freer from the virus than we’ve been,” he said during a press conference Friday as July 4 weekend arrives. He apologized for the county not hosting fireworks this year, but said it is due to pandemic uncertainty months ago when it was time to order the fireworks.

This year, the county will not host a July 4 celebration or fireworks show because during planning stages, the county did not know what pandemic conditions would look like by now. Poolesville will be hosting fireworks at the soccer fields on Hughes Road and Sugarland Road. The National Mall in Washington, D.C. will also have its fireworks show.


Elrich said he is looking forward to a further return to normalcy next year, and he’s already started experiencing it by going to two concerts, two baseball games and eating indoors.

All fireworks, including sparklers, are illegal in Montgomery County, Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS) Chief Spokesperson Pete Piringer reminds residents.

“Everywhere in this area anything that explodes is illegal, in all jurisdictions,” Piringer told MyMCM. Piringer encouraged residents to enjoy public fireworks displays where they are offered.

“Leave the fireworks to the professionals,” Piringer said. He said they are a potential fire hazard and added that pets are scared of them, too.

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