Interactive Cicada Mapping App Now Available for Download

Help map the emergence of the Brood X cicadas by simply downloading the Cicada Safari app.

The app can be downloaded from both the Apple app store or Google play. People who spot cicadas should photograph and submit their image to the Cicada Safari app. After the phots are verified they will be put onto a live map.

The app is a positive for both those who love and despise the periodical creatures. Cicada enthusiasts can rejoice, as the app will notify them where cicadas are emerging, so they can go on a “safari” to find the critters. People who are less fascinated or freaked out by the insects can use the map as a way to try and steer clear.

Cicada Safari was created by Dr. Gene Kritsky working with the Center for IT Engagement at  Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati. Much of the data submitted to the Cicada Safari app is shared with as a collaborative mapping effort. 

The app can be downloaded here.

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