Jose Andrés Provides Meals to Cruise Guests Quarantined by Coronavirus

Chef and Bethesda resident Jose Andrés is helping quarantined cruise passengers in Japan with his non-profit World Central Kitchen (WCK). 

Over 3,700 people on the cruise ship Diamond Princess were quarantined for about two weeks in Yokohama, Japan after passengers were diagnosed with the coronavirus. According to a database from Johns Hopkins that tracks global cases of the illness, 634 people on the ship were diagnosed with the coronavirus, including two who died. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, WCK began providing meals to people aboard the cruise. The non-profit gives food to people in areas suffering from natural or man-made crises. It provided 3.7 million meals to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and 100,000 meals to Washington, D.C. federal employees during the government shutdown, according to WCK’s website

On Feb. 19, the Diamond Princess quarantine ended and about 600 guests left the ship.

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