Keeping Up With Katie: Ledecky Dives into New Role with STEM Education

In a little over six months, Katie Ledecky will be in Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Games trying to add to her collection of five Olympic gold medals.

In the midst of training, she found time to dip her toes into something very meaningful to her – education. Ledecky announce a new partnership with Panasonic that will help empower students by giving them opportunities in STEM education.

Ledecky told MyMcMedia, “Throughout my life, education has been a top priority. My wish through this program is for children, and especially young women, to be inspired to pursue education and careers in STEM fields that they may otherwise not have considered.”

The Bethesda native attended Little Flower School and Stone Ridge before enrolling at Stanford University. “I have had a wonderful educational experience throughout my life, have had great teachers and professors, and so I feel a strong personal connection to the promotion of education.”

For Ledecky, the Olympics are obviously a huge focus but never at the expense of her passion for making a difference. “It’s an exciting time for me, training in the lead up to the 2020 Olympic Trials in Omaha in June, but I am also very excited about working with Panasonic and EVERFI on the launch of this project.”

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