Maryland Ranked Fourth Most Politically Active State

Maryland ranks fourth among the most politically engaged states according to a new study.

With Election Day only three weeks away, WalletHub released a study Tuesday that breaks down how politically engaged all 50 states are. Scoring each state out of 100, Maryland received a total score of 71.70, just under Colorado’s score of 71.86.

Source: WalletHub

Maryland also ranks high on the list among states with political engagement from young people aged 18 to 24, coming in third and totaling a score of nearly 55%.

WalletHub also put their political engagement rankings into context, comparing the new findings with each states education ranking, GDP per Capita ranking, and tax fairness ranking. Among these three categories, Maryland ranked fourth, 11th, and 10th respectively.

Source: WalletHub

To determine each states score, WalletHub used 11 key metrics. The top three most heavily weighted metrics include:

  • Percentage of Electorate Who Actually Voted in the 2016 Presidential Election: Double Weight (~16.67 Points)
  • Change in Percentage of Electorate Who Actually Voted in the 2016 Elections Compared with the 2012 Elections: Double Weight (~16.67 Points)
  • Total Political Contributions per Adult Population: Double Weight (~16.67 Points)

To see WalletHub’s full methodology and each state’s ranking, click here.

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