Maryland State Legislature Marks ‘Crossover Day’

At midnight on Monday, the Maryland State Legislature officially marked the deadline for bills to pass from House approval to the Senate for their votes. This flurry of activity is commonly referred to as Crossover Day.

In the whirlwind of events that characterize the state legislative 90-day session, many bills get proposed. Few get chosen. And even if a bill misses the Crossover Day deadline, it could still find its way into law via negotiation between the legislators and the governor’s office.

So far, the only law to be signed into action remains the month-long gas tax relief bill lowering pain at the gas pump for Maryland drivers.

According to Maryland Matters, other bills which may become law include programs to aid tenants with rent payment, extra protection for local health officers, and disclosure of contributions to advocacy groups by government contractors.

The 444th meeting of state representatives has three weeks to get their bills approved and headed for the governor’s desk to be signed.


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