Maryland Working to Ramp Up Private Testing Kits

When it comes to combating the spread of COVID-19, needs are changing everyday. In Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan says the state is looking for help from the Federal government but also taking matters into their own hands.

The Maryland Emergency Coronavirus Response Team is actively working on surge plans, social distancing efforts, ways to ramp up private tests, and providing 6,000 additional hospital beds.

One of the many issues the state is facing is the availability of private testing kits. Hogan said the state is working with Johns Hopkins doctors to develop their own testing kits.

Hogan also announced that Maryland is welcoming doctors licensed out of state. This stems from the potential of not having enough doctors or nurses due to them possibly getting infected and having to be quarantined.

Other issues hospitals face are the lack of personal protective equipment and sufficient hospital beds to accommodate those in need.

Officials say all the steps being taken are to ensure the state is prepared. Information pertaining to COVID-19 continues to update at a staggering pace.

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