Marylanders Can Receive Digital Version of COVID-19 Vaccination Records

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Marylanders who were vaccinated in the state can now receive a digital copy of their vaccination record on the website ImmuNet. This website makes it easier for those who have misplaced their COVID-19 vaccine records.

The website is free and secure to use and is used by healthcare providers in the state to maintain the vaccination records of Marylanders of all ages. Records for people who received their vaccination outside of the state are not included on the website.

To receive your vaccination records on the website, you’ll have to register and follow the directions to confirm your identity and then link your official vaccine records with your account. If your vaccination records appear incorrect, you should contact your healthcare provider.

The CDC does not currently have a database with COVID-19 vaccination records.

Anyone over the age of 12 is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Click here to find a vaccination clinic near you.

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