MCPS ACT Scores Drop Slightly, Still Above State Average

Students attending Montgomery County public high schools scored three points higher on the 2019 ACT standardized test than the national average.  

The MCPS Class of 2019 averaged a composite score of 25.3 out of 36 on the test, surpassing the state average of 22.3. That’s 1.3 points lower (a drop of 4.89%) than the 2017 average, according to MCPS.  

The test is designed to measure students’ readiness for attending college and pursuing careers. It consists of four sections comprising English, mathematics, reading and science.  

According to data released by ACT, 30.7 percent of MCPS graduates took the test in 2019an 8.9 percent decrease since 2017. Additionally, 3,408 MCPS graduates and 17,627 graduates across the state took the test. 

Data for the last three years on ACT performance can be found on the MCPS website.

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