Metro Experiences Massive Monday Slowdown

Metro announced Sunday only about 40 trains would be in service Monday, which is about 60% of its rail fleet. Metro removed all of its 7000-series railcars based on the investigation into last weeks Blue Line derailment. All Metrorail lines will operate every 30 minutes and all trains will have 6 cars.

Metro is expecting delays and urges customers to consider Metrobus alternatives.


The agency posted the following statement Sunday:

“As part of the investigation into the Blue Line derailment, Metro is holding out of service all of its 7000-series railcars, which is nearly 60% of its rail fleet. Without these railcars, Metro will operate about 40 trains tomorrow – offering a basic service pattern on all lines of trains departing about every 30 minutes. All trains will operate as six-car trains.

“As Metro continues to work closely with the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission and NTSB and more information develops, we will update the public about service for the remainder of this week.”

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