New Chopt in Kentlands Scheduled for Summer Opening

Chopt, the popular fast casual salad company, is coming to the Kentlands but you’ll have to wait until summer for the opening according to Kimco Realty Corp., owner and operator of Kentlands Market Square. The new store is located in the same building as Mod Pizza and around the corner from Cinepolis, the luxury movie theater.

Chopt is one of several recent openings and scheduled openings at the Kentlands – part of a $23-million redevelopment by Kimco:

  • Dog Haus opened last week.
  • Brews & Barrels will open next week.
  • Cinco de Mayo opens in March.
  • Burtons Grill & Bar opens at the end of summer.

All are owned and operated by Kimco which also owns Whole Foods in the Kentlands.

The Chopt location in the Crown neighborhood of Gaithersburg, about two and a half miles away from the Kentlands location, remains open. No word if it will close or move to the new location.

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