Newly Introduced $10.5 Million Appropriation Addresses Food Insecurity in the County

A newly introduced $10.5 million special appropriation could help alleviate the issue of food security and also support local food banks, restaurants and farmers. 

The special appropriation, initiated by county councilmember Will Jawando, would work in a public-private partnership with the Greater Washington Community Foundation. This nonprofit organization encompasses hundreds of giving funds and seeks to enrich communities in the Washington metro area. 

“You could argue that there’s no more important need outside of health and safety than making sure people can have food to eat,” councilmember Jawando said during a virtual county council session Tuesday. 

“We know that before this crisis, there were many that did not have food and that were insecure.” 

If passed, the appropriation would give $500,000 to the Greater Washington Community Foundation to implement the Montgomery County Food Security Fund, which would initiate the food security response strategy. The appropriation would also administer $10 million towards implementing the response plan. 

“We’re gonna have to make a substantial investment in our food security infrastructure,” councilmember Jawando added. 

Public testimonies on the appropriation will take place on June 23 at 1:30 p.m. For more information, visit

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