Olney Theatre Asks Community: What Does ‘Home’ Mean to You Now?

Olney Theatre is asking people to send in their stories about how their perceptions of “home” have changed due to COVID-19.

People can submit a three-minute audio recording through the theater’s website, and the best ones are shared on the page. Olney Theatre’s favorite storytellers will be invited to share their stories at a StorySlam at Summerfest on July 18th.

Olney Theatre wants the community to share a wide range of stories. Some on their website include a mother speaking about her children coming home because of the virus, to a story on “5 Variations on Home,” to a senior in high school sharing her story.

The idea for this project was developed back in January as an addition to the “Miss You Like Hell” production. At first, the project asked “what does home mean to you,” but after the stay-at-home orders went into effect the project shifted to asking about how the meaning of home has changed.

“When COVID-19 happened and the pandemic meant that we were all staying home and could no longer produce theater we resurrected it as a way of continuing to tell stories and to connect with our community and our audiences,” said Director of Marketing and Communications for Olney Theatre, Joshua Ford.

Ford says that he sees the project as an ongoing one, and while the Summerfest plans may still be up in the air, he hopes that the theater will be able to do something in-person.

“We really want to hear people’s stories of what life is like now for you at home,” said Ford.


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