Police Call Placement of Nail Boards on Beach Drive ‘Deliberate Act’

The wooden boards with protruding nails and screws found along Beach Drive in Kensington were deliberately placed to destroy property and possibly injure pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles, according to The Maryland-National Capital Park Police’s Montgomery County Division.

Since July, officers received five calls concerning these boards that were placed along Beach Drive between Garrett Park Road and Knowles Avenue.

Photo originally appeared on the website Reddit.

“Due to the frequency of incidents in one location, the Park Police does not believe accidental occurrence is to blame, but instead the deliberate act of someone,” officers wrote in a news release. People placing these boards could be charged with malicious destruction of property and reckless endangerment.

Park Police asks anyone observing suspicious behavior or finding a hazard to call 301-949-8010 or email Crimetips@mcnparkpolice.org.


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