Rep. Jamie Raskin: ‘Don’t Spread the Virus and Don’t Spread the Rumors’

Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) talked with Dr. Travis Gayles, Montgomery County health officer, Monday about the coronavirus situation. In a effort to keep residents informed, Dr. Gayles answered Raskin’s questions during a 19 minute long Facebook livestream.

Watch a video of their discussion below:


What are the basic precautions people need to take to prevent spread?

  • Washing hands
  • Cleaning surfaces

What is the state of the virus as of Monday morning, March 9?

Maryland has five residents who have tested positive for coronavirus. Four live in Montgomery County, one in Harford County. All contracted the virus while travelling. So far, we do not have a community outbreak.

What is the difference between a public health containment versus mitigation strategy?

During a containment strategy, public health is trying to prevent a virus from coming into the community. If the virus is in the community, mitigation strategy tries to cut down the risk of exposure to those who might become very ill.

What populations are most vulnerable to this coronavirus?

  • Elderly
  • Residents living in a health facility, for instance nursing homes and long-term care facilities.
  • People with compromised immune systems.

Where should residents go to get the most up to date information about this coronavirus?

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