Takoma Park, Public Schools, Others Continue Mask Mandates

The City of Takoma Park continues to mandate the wearing of masks at its indoor city facilities despite Montgomery County rescinding its mask mandate as of 12:01 Thursday morning.

On both Facebook and Twitter, Takoma Park posted that its mandate requiring the wearing of masks in all city buildings and facilities in the city did not end. It applies to everyone, even if they are vaccinated.

The mandate will remain at least through the holidays.

On Saturday, Takoma Park is holding its Monster Bash and since that Halloween festivity attracts young children who are not vaccinated, Manager Jamal Fox thought it made sense to continue mandating masks for the health of all residents, explained Communications Manager Donna Wright.

“City Manager Fox reiterates that vaccines for children ages 5-11 are in the early stages of deployment and will need time to be effective, plus CDC guidelines and the approaching holidays are all reasons to take a healthy approach to stay the current course,” he posted.

Under its mandate, employees and visitors must wear a mask in indoor city buildings, including the community center, police department, library and computer center, public works, recreation center and Heffner building.

Takoma Park is not alone. Some private companies have not yet rescinded indoor mask mandates. The Bender Jewish Community Center in Rockville noted that members should continue to wear masks in its building in all common areas including family locker rooms beginning Nov. 1.

Montgomery County Public Schools still require masks. All students, staff and visitors must wear face coverings when inside buildings regardless of their vaccination status.

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