UMD’s Diamondback Newspaper Releases Final Print Edition

The University of Maryland’s student-run independent newspaper, The Diamondback, released their final print edition on Monday.

The final edition contained a series of their most historic headlines, best comic strips and even their largest failures in covering race as a newspaper. Some of their historic headlines included the death of Len Bias, who was chosen by the Boston Celtics as the second overall pick in the 1986 NBA draft, the announcement of UMD joining the Big Ten, and their coverage of Vietnam protests on campus.

The student-run newspaper has won an array of awards for its reporting which includes national and breaking news stories.

The Diamondback has been in circulation for 110 years. The end of their print edition comes after there was a large decline in their print readership. Print editions of the their newspaper had been bringing in only about 5,000 readers per week, The Diamondback reported.

In replacement of their weekly print editions and in addition to their website, The Diamondback has launched a podcast called Offbeat. The paper also announced that they are working on creating a Diamondback App and producing Diamondback TV, which will use TV’s on campus to display their content, according to The Diamondback.



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