Blog: Making Weekend to Work Week Transitions Easier

Getting started with the work week on Monday mornings (or when the work week starts for you) can be tough and working from home can make it even more difficult.

Here are a few strategies to help ease the transition:

Put on work clothes or semi casual clothing, especially on the top half whether doing zoom calls or not. Using clothing to differentiate free time from work time can be useful.

Do at least one work thing as soon as possible on Monday morning. This can help you get back into the work mindset even if you then have to do personal items for a period of time before you can fully start the work day.

Make a schedule on Sunday evening or as early as possible on Monday morning. It will make it easier to get started on Monday mornings by having a plan to follow.

Plan ahead and try these things next week (even on Tuesday if you are taking Memorial Day off). For an entertaining presentation of these tools, check out the video with SJ sharing her own experiences with these strategies.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful in allowing you to transition more easily into the work week.

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