Council Approves $750,000 Food Insecurity Appropriation for Residents and Families

Montgomery County Council approved a $750,000 special appropriation, on Thursday, to help address the increasing level of food insecurity of the County’s residents and families.

This special appropriation was initiated by Council members Gabe Albornoz, Nancy Navarro and Craig Rice.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many have experienced countless economic hardships which has increased dependence on food banks, nonprofit providers and community service partners providing food assistance.

The $750,000 will be distributed as follows: $400,000 for nonprofit organizations; $300,000 to secure ethnic and culturally appropriate food items from ethnic grocery stores located in the County to be distributed in areas with high populations of vulnerability; and $50,000 to increase the County’s contract with the Montgomery County Food Council to provide continued planning for food security efforts.

Food security is an urgent priority for the Council, and funds must be disbursed by the County’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) no later than May 21.

The funding from the special appropriation will be provided through the Montgomery County Government Covid-19 Human Services and Community Assistance Non-Departmental Account. An additional $500,000 of funding will be directed by DHHS to provide immediate support for food assistance providers, and this special appropriation will further this work.

The funding for the special appropriation will be paid by the County’s General Fund Reserves. In addition, the County will seek federal and state reimbursement for any eligible costs. The County is also committed to collaborating with the philanthropic sector to maximize the assistance that can be provided.

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