COVID-19 Numbers: Montgomery County Deaths 34, County Cases 1,388, State Cases 6,968

The Maryland Department of Health releases the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in the state each morning by 11 a.m. and just started including a breakdown of cases and deaths by race.

The number of Montgomery County COVID-19 cases now stands at 1,388, according to the statistics released Friday morning by the health department.

The cases in Montgomery County increased by 174 or 14% from Thursday. The number of COVID-19 deaths in the county increased to 34, up from 29 Thursday. The Maryland Department of Health did not release any additional information on the 5 deaths at this time.

Starting Monday, April 13, Montgomery County residents are required to wear face masks at the grocery store and pharmacies.

As of Friday morning, there are 6,968 cases of COVID-19 in Maryland, which is an increase of 783 cases or 13 percent from the 6,185 cases reported Thursday.

The total number of deaths in Maryland due to COVID-19 is currently reported as 171, up from 138 Thursday. There is no additional information about the 33 new victims at this time.

The Maryland Department of Health now identifies the number of cases and deaths by race. African Americans have been hit hardest with a total of 2,304 cases and 61 deaths. African Americans make up 33 percent of coronavirus cases and 36 percent of the deaths.

By comparison, people whose race was listed as white had a total of 1,694 cases and 45 deaths.

At this time, racial data is not available for 1,507 cases and 21 deaths.

Of the total Maryland cases, 1,413 were hospitalized at some point and 397 have been released from isolation. According to the Maryland Department of Health, there have been 37,480 negative coronavirus tests in the state.

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