Elrich Says He Will Seek Third Term

It was short but emphatic. When asked on WAMU’s Politics Hour by host Kojo Nnamdi if he would run for County Executive again in 2026, two-time incumbent Marc Elrich didn’t mince words.

MCM reached out to the County Executive’s Office for a follow up statement. As of this writing we have not received a reply.

Meanwhile former GOP candidate for County Executive, Reardon Sullivan offered these thoughts.

“Marc Elrich coming out this early is a classic example of hubris at its finest. Elrich has too soon forgotten that he only got 40% of the Democrat voters in the primary elections which clearly points out that 60% of the Democrat votes in the primary preferred someone else. Unfortunately, local politics in the County are stuck on the rinse and repeat cycle.  Who is surprised? People in power like to stay in power, that’s why term limits are needed.”

The current county charter allows the Executive to serve for three terms. Sullivan has been gathering petition signatures to create a charter amendment to limit the office of County Executives to two terms. And he and the Committee for Better Government have launched a video on YouTube to build support for this amendment.

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