Elrich Testifying on Fair Wage Act as County’s Minimum Wage Set to Increase Again  

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich said he will testify Thursday in Annapolis on a statewide minimum wage bill, as the county’s own minimum wage rate is steadily increasing. 

“It is critical for people to be able to put a roof over your heads,” Elrich said during a media briefing Wednesday. 

On Monday, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore testified in support of the Fair Wage Act of 2023, which would accelerate an increase in the statewide minimum wage to $15 an hour on Oct. 1 of this year. It also indexes future rates for inflation up to 5% starting July 1, 2025.

Montgomery County already reached a $15 minimum wage for large employers in 2021. On July 1, the minimum wage in Montgomery County is set to increase to $16.70 an hour for large employers, per a release. Mid-sized employers will reach the $15 mark this July and the minimum wage for small employers will be $14.50. 

The General Assembly bill would raise everybody to $15.

The county’s legislation has inflation adjustments built in, Elrich said.

“And so we will continue to be raising wages according to inflation,” he said. As a former councilmember, Elrich was lead sponsor of the 2017 bill that raises the minimum wage incrementally every year on July 1.

He said $15 an hour is a little over $30,000 annually, and if 30% of that income were to go to housing, a single person would have around $750 to spend per month on housing.

“I can only say, good luck finding an apartment in Montgomery County at $750 a month,” Elrich said. 

He said $15 is a great start and thanked Moore for prioritizing the legislation.

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