Gaithersburg Election Results Certified

The Gaithersburg Board of Supervisors of Elections officially certified the winners of Gaithersburg’s election for three City Councilmembers as Neil Harris, Ryan Spiegel and Robert Wu. The newly elected officials will be sworn in at a Mayor and City Council meeting on Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. Each newly elected city councilmember will serve a four-year term.

After taking authorized absentee and provisional ballots into consideration, the total number of ballots cast in the Nov. 5 election was 2,388. The voter turnout in this election was officially 6.54%.

This year same-day voter registration was allowed for the first time. Twenty-four people registered at the polls.

City Council candidate Robert Wu received 2,021 (84.63%), Neil Harris received 1,672 (70.02%) and Ryan Spiegel received 1,658 (69.43%).

Write-in candidate Juan Aguirre received 476 votes (19.93%), Carol Johnson received 435 votes (18.22%), and write-in candidate Nicole Ukiteyedi received 117 votes (4.90%)

The next municipal election for Mayor and two city councilmembers will take place on November 2, 2021.

Detailed results by polling place are available on the election page of the City’s website at

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