Hogan, Cuomo Urge Senate to Aid States in Next Coronavirus Relief Bill

Gov. Larry Hogan and Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York urged the Senate to provide aid to states in the next major COVID-19 relief bill Wednesday.

“The rapid economic downturn has left no region of the country untouched and has stressed every aspect of state delivery of critical needs and services to its residents,” Gov. Hogan and Gov. Cuomo jointly stated in a press release Wednesday. 

In order to support states in the continuing pandemic response, a $500 billion state stabilization fund must be included in any COVID-19 relief package from the Senate.” 

Both governors are part of the National Governors Association, with Gov. Hogan serving as chair and Gov. Cuomo as vice chair.

“Given the sharp drop in economic activity as a direct result of the pandemic economic shutdown and the corresponding reduction in tax receipts, state budgets are in tatters,” Gov. Hogan and Gov. Cuomo added. 


Both governors emphasized the need to protect state economies and not slash state programs that pay teachers, firefighters and healthcare workers. 

The new coronavirus relief bill will likely come out in August, according to CNBC


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