Montgomery County Wednesday COVID-19 Update

Montgomery County established a number of public health criteria with associated goals to guide the reopening of businesses and services amidst the pandemic. The information is updated daily on the County’s COVID-19 Data Dashboard. The values or metrics are grouped into three categories including the number of cases and deaths, hospital capacity to handle current and potential surge cases, and testing capacity.

Each day during the current phase of reopening, the county indicates whether each metric was met or showed improvement. Wednesday there are two metrics that did not show improvement. They are the number of new cases of COVID-19 and the number of COVID-19 related hospitalizations.  (See the two metrics in red below.)

Montgomery County COVID-19 Metrics by Day in Reopening Phase 2 updated July 29.  (Click to enlarge.)

Wednesday is the 40th day of the second phase of reopening for Montgomery County. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 17,305 confirmed cases of COVID-19 resulting in 748 deaths in Montgomery County, based on numbers released by the Maryland Department of Health Wednesday morning.

Montgomery County COVID-19 Dashboard as of Wednesday, July 29 (click on photo to enlarge):

Montgomery County COVID-19 Dashboard as of Tuesday, July 28 (click on photo to enlarge):


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