Police Honor Medical Workers at Medstar Montgomery in Olney

Montgomery County Police Department honored Medstar Montgomery Medical workers in Olney Monday morning.

Dozens of medical workers waved as several police cars drove around the hospital’s campus, lights flashing, to honor the healthcare professionals.

Ann Serafenas, the senior director of nursing at Medstar Montgomery, was moved by the police’s tribute.

“To see our community partners the police officers come through to honor us was incredibly touching,” said Serafenas. “They help us, they bring patients, so I look at it as a mutual tribute.”

Medstar Montgomery has been helping coronavirus patients for several weeks now and it’s unclear how many patients are at the facility, but as of Monday, there are 62 confirmed coronavirus cases in Olney, and 5,384 cases in Montgomery County.

Robb Hawthorne started working as Medstar Montgomery’s emergency services manager three months ago.

“So I started right when this pandemic began. So I’ve really seen the transformation in the staff.”

It has been challenging battling the public health crisis, but the team of medical professionals is getting through it “as a family,” Hawthorne said.


Serafenas said nurses have been continuing to do what they do best, which is “taking care of people.” To prevent the spread of coronavirus, patients haven’t been allowed visitors. Medstar nurses have therefore tried to fill some of the void, helping people feel less isolated.

“One of the things that we’ve implemented is the ability to use technology so that patients can communicate with their families. So we’re using a system provided tablet, where that they can have visual contact with people.”

Both Hawthorne and Serafenas have been overwhelmed by the support they’ve received from the community.

“But one of the most touching things we get…are the letters and the notes from families from people in the community, just showing how much this has impacted everyone,” said Hawthorne.

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