Seventh Through Eleventh Graders Returned to School Monday Morning

Monday marked the first day for another group of Montgomery County Public School students who opted to return to the classroom. Some, however, remain on the waiting list.

As of this morning, seventh through eleventh graders returned to their buildings, 13 months after schools closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to a rotating schedule at the secondary level, the second phase of this group of students will begin in-school learning April 26. These two groups account for the return of an additional 23,000 students.

These last groups of students join about 40,000 students who have returned to their classrooms since the phase-in began March 1. There are more than 160,000 students at MCPS, so less than one-third of them are in the classroom at least a few days a week. The rest are learning virtually.

MCPS reported at the beginning of this month, two-thirds of the public schools have a waiting list of students wishing to return to schools rather than learn completely online. Of MCPS’ 208 schools, 130 have a waiting list, according to Gboyinde Onijala, supervisor of public information, who noted that she was unsure of the number of families on waiting lists.

Due to social distancing, each classroom is home to fewer students than before the pandemic began.

MCPS lists cases and suspected cases of COVID-19 on its website.

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