Various Partnerships Led to County Mass Vaccination Site

The new mass vaccination site at Montgomery College’s Germantown campus is operating thanks to a joint effort, according to county officials.

“This is a partnership with many county public and private partners, as well as with the state,” said Montgomery County Dept. of Health and Human Services Emergency Planner Sean O’Donnell.

MyMCM spoke with O’Donnell to learn who’s involved in the partnership and how they’re diligently making sure the public is vaccinated.


Montgomery County clinics are currently vaccinating:

    • Residents age 60 and older
    • Essential workers (a priority group which includes transit workers, teachers, child care workers, grocery store workers)
    • Individuals with developmental disabilities
    • Residents age 16 and older with underlying medical conditions

Click here for more information on how to preregister for the COVID-19 vaccine.

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