‘A Very Unique and Unusual Situation’: Piringer Says Best Outcome Occurred in Plane Crash Rescue

On Sunday, a small plane with two occupants crashed into power lines in Gaithersburg and was caught in a tower. 

The occupants were rescued around midnight, hours after the crash occurred, and the plane was lowered just before 4 a.m. Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS) Chief Spokesperson Pete Piringer told MyMCM that “the best possible outcome occurred.”

“Everyday is a training day for us,” Piringer said. “We plan for whatever is possible.”

One occupant has been released from the hospital, MCFRS Chief Scott Goldstein said on Monday. According to MCFRS and Pepco officials, both patients’ conditions had improved as of Monday and power was restored to customers late Sunday night.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will investigate the crash. A preliminary report can be expected in two to three weeks, per an NTSB spokesperson. The final report can take one to two years to be completed. The probable cause of the crash and any contributing factors will be part of that report.

Goldstein said the plane struck power lines in one tower, then collided with and became embedded in a second tower.

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