Arcola Teacher on Virtual Learning: ‘You Wish You Could Give Them a Hug’

“This is just something that was thrust upon us, and we are doing the best we can,” said Arcola Elementary School kindergarten teacher Margaret Norris about her experiences with virtual learning.

Despite the technology glitches and remembering to take herself off mute, Norris said she believes her students are learning and still getting the chance to socialize. “You wish you could give them a hug,” she said.

Many of the students at Arcola Elementary in Wheaton, are needy. It is a Title 1 school and receives federal funding to help the students succeed. So when Montgomery County Public Schools went virtual in March, Norris immediately began making food packages for her students and their families. Rather than hand them prepared meals that they only had to warm up, she filled her packages with rice, beans and a treat.

Rather than ask for donations, Norris suggested, “Honestly, I would encourage everyone to do this at their own Title 1 school. There are many in Montgomery County.”

Her good work recently was featured on CNN.

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