Clarksburg Student Ambassadors Donate 60 Thanksgiving Meals to Families in Need

Clarksburg High School’s Student Ambassadors program is giving back to families in need this Thanksgiving.

School counselors at Clarksburg identified 30 families in need at the school, as well as 30 families in need at Rocky Hill Middle School — and the Student Ambassadors Program raised enough money to donate Thanksgiving meals to these families. The student ambassadors picked up 60 boxes filled with the meals Monday morning at the Harris Teeter in Clarksburg.

MyMCMedia spoke to Clarksburg seniors Karen Barnes and Avery Jackson — both of whom hold leadership positions in the program — about the work that went into fundraising for the program.

Chantell Prescott-Hollander and Ehren Hollander, from the self-defense gym Krav Oz in Clarksburg, both donated to the cause. The two came out to watch the students collect the meals from Harris Teeter to be delivered to Clarksburg High and Rocky Hill Middle. Prescott-Hollander said that supporting students and families is important for Krav Oz.

Teak Bassett, the faculty sponsor of the Clarksburg Student Ambassadors, said this service project has become a tradition for the students in the program.

“The guidance counselors come back to us and say that the parents [who receive the meals] are just so excited to get this extra help,” Bassett said.

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