Councilmember Jawando Tweet: ‘Any Outbreak at a School is on you Governor Hogan’

Following County Health Officer Dr. Travis Gayles’ turnaround, enabling nonpublic schools to welcome students into physical classrooms at the start of the new year, Montgomery County Councilmember Will Jawando shot back.

“Any outbreak at a school is on you @GovLarryHogan. So much for leaving decisions to localities and doctors. Shameful,” Jawando tweeted.

Jawando’s tweet followed one by Gov. Hogan that said he “was pleased to see that Montgomery Co. has rescinded the blanket mandate closing private and parochial schools.”

Councilmember Tom Hucker also entered the fray. Hucker posted on Facebook,

“It is such a shame whenever elected officials put politics over public health. On the same day when the Gov’s office praised Montgomery County for the “incredible job” we are is doing driving down his statewide test positivity results by following professional medical advice, his Secretary (who is not a medical professional) overruled our trained and successful Health Officer without offering any public health rationale whatsoever.”

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