Gov. Hogan Previews Recovery Budget for Fiscal Year 2022

Gov. Larry Hogan previewed his proposed Fiscal Year 2022 recovery budget Tuesday, noting the full budget will be presented Wednesday.

Hogan said he’s pleased with the budget, which is structurally balanced, without increasing taxes, despite the economic hardship brought by the coronavirus. Hogan said early in the pandemic, the state took action by budget reductions and freezing non-emergency spending.

Hogan said the state’s “top legislative priority” is the $1 billion RELIEF Act of 2021, which was announced Jan. 11. The relief act would provide tax and stimulus relief to Marylanders in need.

“My top economic priority is making sure that Marylanders can keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets,” Hogan said.

Hogan says his budget includes record funding for education. Here’s a preview of the budget:

  • $7.5 billion for kindergarten through 12th grade education, which includes $151 million for targeted tutoring, $53 million to expand full-day Pre-K, $10 million for the BOOST program, $833 million for school construction.
  • $411 million for higher education projects, including funds for major projects at HBCUs and record community college funding.
  • Environmental funding, including full funding for Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts; full funding for Program Open Space; $43 million for renewable energy; and $14 million for energy efficiency.
  • $978 million for mental health services and substance abuse programs.
  • Funding for infrastructure.
  • Funding for preventing violent crimes and hate crimes.
  • Increased funding for local health departments.

“If you told me last spring when we faced the prospect of a near fiscal Armageddon that we would be able to introduce a budget t that provides $1 billion in immediate tax and stimulus relief for struggling families and small businesses that makes record investment in education, public health, and other key priorities, which is structurally balanced, without any tax increases, furloughs, or cuts to services, I would not have believed that it was possible, but that is exactly what we have been able to accomplish with this FY2022 budget.,” Hogan said.

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