MCPS Superintendent Writes Letter Addressing Allegations of School Sexual Assault

Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith sent out a letter Wednesday addressing recent allegations of sexual assault and harassment within the county’s schools.

The letter, directed at parents, students and MCPS faculty, was the second sent by Smith in the past week. In it, he talks about procedures already in place through MCPS to combat instances of abuse, as well as additional measures being taken in light of recent events. Changes include thorough investigations into reported instances, led by Greg Edmundson, the Director of Student Welfare and Compliance/Title IX Coordinator, who will then take appropriate actions. Smith also called for a look into the culture and values of MCPS schools.

“If you or your child have information regarding an alleged sexual assault or harrassment, there are multiple ways to report and seek support,” Smith wrote. “The most direct way is to notify your school administrator of the incident, which will begin a process of investigation under our Title IX/Sexual Harassment/Assault protocols. The school’s counseling team will work with school administration and our Office of Student and Family Support and Engagement to identify trusted adults at the school level and ensure our students are supported.”

Recently on social media, a number of students have shared feelings of discomfort and unsafety towards members of MCPS faculty. In his letter, Smith added alternative outlets to reach out to should someone be uncomfortable seeking help from the authorities or members of MCPS administration. Contacts include anonymous hotlines, harassment forms and other supportive personnel to be in touch with, the links to which can be found here.

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