New Pet Pantry in Gaithersburg Making Sure Animals Don’t Go Hungry During Pandemic

While many people are in need during this pandemic, the same goes for some animals. House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary in Gaithersburg started a new pet pantry so that animals can also have something to eat.

Overall, the organization pretty much runs a retirement dog home and helps animals that are senior citizens or have special needs. Recently, they decided to help in another way during these unprecedented times. HWAH Director Sher Polvinale says the food banks that the organization has partnered with do not include pet food in their delivery, which means sometimes people have to share their food or their pets may go hungry.

The “Feed Fido and Fluffy” Pet Pantry was launched late last month, and has already raised nearly $15,000. HWAH officials say the first distribution to food banks within the past couple of weeks included 200 pounds of kibble and more than 150 cans of dog and cat food.

MyMCMedia spoke with Polvinale who explains how House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary is helping people and their pets.

Watch this video to see the pet pantry in action:


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