6 of 7 Men Arrested In Germantown Raid Are Gang Members 

Last week, seven men were arrested after a raid on a Germantown apartment.

Police said drug-dealing was happening in the location. Six suspects are validated gang members with the “Black Mob,” Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones said during a press conference Thursday.  

In May, police received numerous complaints about criminal activity in the 19700 block of Crystal Rock Drive, primarily about drug dealing. Surveillance efforts confirmed drug dealing in the location, Jones said.

On June 16, a resident in the apartment complex waved down officers to report the sound of shots fired. Jones said rounds of spent casings and live rounds of ammunition were found in the back corner of the block, in close proximity to the residence on Crystal Rock Drive. Police served a no-knock search warrant at the home on June 22.

Jones said the county has seen a rise in fatal fentanyl overdoses, especially among young people without a history of addiction. He said many pills are sold by increasingly sophisticated organizations composed of younger offenders, many of whom are under 21 years old.

Police are looking at other crimes that may be connected to the suspects.

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