April 8, 2020 | Carey Heller, Psy.D.

Dr. Carey Heller

BLOG: The Emotional Tug of War Between Remote Working and Time with Family During Covid-19

Prior to COVID-19, many adults went to a physical location for work while their children went to school. Thus, aside from parents of young children too little to attend school or those whose jobs or other obligations impeded their ability to be home in the evenings or on weekend, there was likely less emotional pull […]

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March 17, 2020 | Michelle Queen

CDC: How to Manage Anxiety and Stress Related to Coronavirus Pandemic

Most people are looking out for the symptoms of COVID-19 — which include a fever, cough, and shortness of breath.  And most of us are practicing social distancing, a term many were not familiar with prior to the coronavirus pandemic. But, many of us may not be aware that it is normal to experience anxiety […]

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May 4, 2019 | Carey Heller, Psy.D.

Benefits of Using the Summer to Improve Academic Functioning

“My child didn’t have a great school year. I guess there’s nothing I can do now about it, but hopefully in the fall, with tutoring, executive functioning coaching, or whatever supports are needed, he will do better. Or, maybe I will see if next year is better and seek help then if needed.” These thoughts […]

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April 19, 2019 | Carey Heller, Psy.D.

Incorporating Relaxation Tools into Daily Life that Work for You

Many children, teens, and even adults hear terms like “mindfulness” and “deep breathing” offered as solutions to calm down in the moment and feel more relaxed in general. Many schools incorporate mindfulness activities into their routine. At the same time, unless someone receives a formal lesson on what to do, children, teens, and adults may […]

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January 30, 2017 | Staff Writer

Local Leaders Address Community Concerns About Immigration in Joint Statement

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and County Council members have released a joint statement about immigration to address community concerns about safety, discrimination, legal status and harassment. “Montgomery County is committed to building and maintaining a safe and inclusive community for our residents. Understanding, tolerance, and respect are hallmarks of the Montgomery County way. Social […]

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October 2, 2016 | Staff Writer

County Council Receives Briefing on Silver Spring Apartment Explosion (VIDEO)

On August 10th, an explosion ripped through the Flower Branch apartment complex in Silver Spring resulting in dozens of injuries and seven deaths. The Montgomery County Council recently received an overview of the incident. CCM’s Susan Kenedy reports. Visit our PEG partner County Cable Montgomery to view more of its local programming.

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June 22, 2016 | Carey Heller, Psy.D.

Is Your Anxiety Fostering Anxiety in Your Child or Teen?

Many parents are anxious about things related to their child from a young age. For instance, seeing your child fall when learning to walk, banging their head into things, etc. can cause anxiety. Concerns about children getting lost or bad things happening when they begin to be more independent as a teenager also commonly cause […]

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November 27, 2014 | Carey Heller, Psy.D.

Thanksgiving Tips for Parents

Thanksgiving is about a week away. It is often a time to gather with family and friends and enjoy time together as well as hopefully good food.  However, children and teens, sometimes misbehave or act in ways that take away from the enjoyment of the holiday. Here are a few tips to incorporate child and […]

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October 9, 2014 | Carey Heller, Psy.D.

Adding More Structure to Reduce Anxiety

Children and adolescents experience anxiety for a variety of reasons. The exact causes largely impact which methods should be used to address the anxiety. One common reason for anxiety, especially in individuals with ADHD, executive functioning issues, or learning disabilities, is that they feel overwhelmed by daily and long-term homework assignments and other tasks. Instead […]

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September 17, 2013 | Carey Heller, Psy.D.

Talking with Your Children About Navy Yard Shooting

Yesterday another tragedy occurred, which involved a mass shooting at the D.C. Navy Yard. Between the Sandy Hook shooting last December, the Boston Marathon bombing in April, and other less significant events over the past year, it has been a year filled with several major negative events. While the latest mass shooting is likely to […]

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