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2015 Summer Backpack Journalism is all “Packed Up” (Photos & Video)

The 2015 summer sessions of Backpack Journalism have come to an end. Our newest journalists have finished their stories and I am excited to be able to share them with you.  They all did an amazing job and I am very proud of each one of them. We also had a treat this summer. The […]

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More Stories, More Noodles (Photos)

Another week has flown by and a new group of Backpack Journalists have hit the streets to get their stories!  I love how each group is completely different from the others. They have their own unique qualities and it is awesome! As always, our newest journalists have a wide variety of topics they are going […]

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Field Technicians Needed Saturday, 7/30 -8/2/15

Need crew for shoot on Friday, July 31st to Sunday August 2nd. Location is Embassy Suite Hotel in Alexandria, across the street from the King street Metro. The shoot will involve several interviews with attendees at a reunion event. It will take place in a spacious hotel room, not an exhibit hall. You can reach […]

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Montys Submission

Monty Awards logo

Submit your programs for the 30th Annual Monty Awards.

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Backpack Journalists Have Great Stories to Tell!

What a great two weeks I had with the first session of MCM’s Summer Backpack Journalism Academy!  The newest journalists were full of energy and great ideas. I cannot wait to share their stories with you. The topics range from The Town of Somerset 4th of July Celebration to MCPS Bell Times and Same Sex […]

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Backpack Journalists, Interviews and Noodles!

If you have been following us on social media, then you know what a busy week we have been having at this summer’s Backpack Journalism Academy!  Our newest journalists seem to be having a great time (so are the staff working with the class). We started the week off with a special guest, MCM’s own […]

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Backpack Report: Bess Shay

This video is about Ms. Bess Shay who was born during the Great Depression. She also talks about how the Korean War and World War II affected her and her family.

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Backpack Report: Alan Rosenthal

This story is about Alan Rosenthal and the court case Brown vs. Board of Education. In the interview, Alan Rosenthal expands upon his role in the case and what is entailed. He also describes how he came to be involved and what he thought about the case as well as the decision.

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Backpack Report: Werner Schumann

Werner Schumann grew up in the Nazi youth as his father was a member of the Nazi party. After the war ended, he learned about the Holocaust and this impacted him greatly as he rejected the Nazi ideologies and God too. Film making was his childhood dream, he studied still photography and then was drafted […]

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Students, Residents, Stories & Popcorn!

What an AMAZING week! I had the honor of working with some very talented teenagers during MCM’s Spring Break Backpack Journalism program. All I can really say is “Wow!”We had such a great time. This time around we spent the day at the beautiful Ingleside at King Farm to interview and tell the stories of […]

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