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August 31, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

Inside Aspiring Teen Basketball Players by Tristan Johnson

Tristan hits the courts and talks to aspiring teen basketball players.

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August 29, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

Aging in Someplace: Where the Elderly Live by Anna Vidergar

The elderly are everywhere in our society, yet we never really think about where they live. What are the benefits and downsides of each living area for the elderly? In this clip, we explore the living areas for the elderly.  

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August 27, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

How Pets Affect People’s Lives by Jessica Theis

Lots of people own pets. It is estimated that 74-96 million cats, and 70-80 million dogs are owned in the United States. Studies have shown that people who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks. Over 50% of all pet owners would rather be stranded on a desert island with […]

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August 25, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

The Recent Growth of the Transgender Community by Shevani Tewari

With celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox, society is becoming more and more comfortable with gender identities outside of the male and female norm. The public reaction, however, varies wildly. In my video, I find out the general public reaction from interviewing strangers in the Kentlands area and Rockville Town Square.

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August 23, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

Environmental Impact Noodles And Company has on our Environment by Max London

Noodles and Company tries to globalize its awareness of the environmental impact it  can have by buying naturally –raised pork, cage free eggs, and recycling a lot of what it gives out. The only thing it’s missing is composting, and that partly has to do with the county’s difficult application process for restaurants and companies […]

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August 19, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

Social Media: Kids vs. Adults by Anthony Lanzano

My story shows the difference between kids point of view vs. parents’ point of view. I interviewed 3 kids and 5 adults. I asked them questions like; do you have a social media account? How long have you had it? Do you think social media is a bad influence on kids, etc.? The main question […]

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August 17, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

Town of Somerset 4th of July Celebrations by Bill Angell

I investigated the 4th of July Celebration in the Town of Somerset. The locals did enjoy the celebration, but did not know the history of the celebration.

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August 15, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

What is it Like to have Dementia? by Bradley Fisher

In my story, I had three people use the kit to experience what it is like to have Dementia. They were asked 5 questions by the program and one from me. Their senses were basically weakened with things including goggles and special gloves.

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August 13, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

The Amazing Art Studio by Melanie Roberts

For my story, I had the pleasure of going to the new Downtown Crown area and interviewing the owner of the Amazing Art Studio. I found out how unique and fun the whole art experience is. The Amazing Art Studio has 4 different activities to do and you don’t even need to be artistic to […]

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August 11, 2015 | Backpack Journalist

A Look Back at Montgomery County’s Bag Tax by Jonah Loshin

It’s been over three and a half years since legislature passed a bill proclaiming each additional bag to be 5 cents. So, now we look back on the tax, is it working, is it worth it?

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