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March 23, 2015 | Marsha Barkley

Marsha B: Making Moves

Marsha B. TV is in full effect! Yes! I love this picture. Makes me look like I am doing something, right? Michelle Queen, one of my favorite people, reminded me the other day of the obstacles that I overcame. I overcame  A LOT in the past few months. That big snow storm that hit a […]

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January 10, 2015 | Marsha Barkley

Marsha Barkley

What I Learned From “My 600-lb Life”

My 600-lb Life is a show I stumbled across on TLC. It’s a reality show (Ok I know what most think about reality shows, but this is a good one, I promise!) about persons who are overweight to the tune of 500 lbs or more. They have gastric bypass surgery in order to jump start […]

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January 7, 2015 | Marsha Barkley

I Got A Name For My TV Show! Want To Know What It Is?

  I have finally decided on a  name for my new TV show. What took me so long? Well I wanted to be sure I needed a new name. DMV Fashion News & Events is a good name. Yes it is, BUUUUUUT, I wanted something new and fresh. I didn’t want any old baggage or […]

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January 1, 2015 | Marsha Barkley

Sky Is The Limit: Surround Yourself With Winning People

“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher. Once you do, Sky is The Limit”― Oprah Winfrey & Marsha B. That’s right folks. In order for others to help you to win, you have to show you want to win. Once you do…..Sky is the limit!  That picture shows me high in the sky […]

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October 8, 2014 | Marsha Barkley

Change is Inevitable: The World According To Marsha B.

  This is me, Marsha B. WHOA, you say! Big difference, huh? Yes it is. What made the change? Why did you do it?  Can I do it, too? What are you doing next?   WHAT MADE THE CHANGE? I got tired of being fat. Point Blank. There comes a time when you get tired […]

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November 29, 2012 | Marsha Barkley

DMVFNE at The Monty Awards

Sunday, November 18th I had the pleasure of attending The Monty Awards. It is an event for Montgomery Community Media. It has been called The Oscars of Montgomery County. It celebrates the volunteers, producers and technicians of Montgomery County. DMV Fashion News TV was there. Take a look as we celebrated a “Night in the Spotlight”. […]

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October 2, 2012 | Marsha Barkley

cherry stem

What is a Fashionpreneur?

  Anyone can be a entrepreneur, but it takes a special one to be a fashionpreneur. She has confidence, knows what she wants and perseveres until she gets it. Her beauty transcends from the inside out. A Fashionpreneur is not limited to the area she lives in, she is everywhere and knows what is going on […]

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September 17, 2012 | Marsha Barkley

The Guys of DMVFNE

I have wanted to do my own TV show on Montgomery County Media for years. But for some reason it was never the right time. It was not enough time, money or just plain afraid to take the leap. Fast forward to April 2012 the dream became a reality.  Little did I know the process […]

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September 10, 2012 | Marsha Barkley

Marsha Barkley behind the scenes

DMVFNE: BTS With Chucky Thompson

DMVFNE is taking you behind the scenes and on the set of an interview with Chucky Thompson, a DC native. Chucky Thompson is a big time producer of many people such as Biggie, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans & Nas.  I had such a ball with them. Chucky is as real as they come. For […]

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August 30, 2012 | Marsha Barkley

The Interns of DMVFNE

Getting a TV show together, running blogs and doing interviews can be quite a challenge.  Not to mention still having a job and family. That’s where Emily and Redeait step in. They are the new interns of DMV Fashion, News and Events.  I am so happy to have them! These two beautiful young ladies both […]

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