Blog: New Quarter/Mid Semester Academic Check-In

Dr. Carey Heller
Dr. Carey Heller

Dr. Carey Heller: licensed psychologist in Bethesda, Maryland specializing in ADHD/Executive Functioning

With the second quarter now underway in Montgomery County Public Schools and the semester about half over in most schools operating under a semester system, it is a good time to check in with your child or teen and evaluate how the school year is going.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and get your child or teen’s opinion on:

  • Is my child or teen missing assignments regularly? Is there room for improvement with this?
  • Does my child or teen write down assignments regularly in a planner or use another system to keep track of assignments?
  • Is my child or teen performing well on quizzes and exams in each class?
  • Is my child or teen studying for quizzes and exams?
  • Is my child or teen keeping school assignments organized well in a binder, folder, or other system?

To make thinking about this and talking with your child or teen as helpful as possible, it may be beneficial to write out answers to questions 1 and 2 more generally. Then, write out answers for questions 3, 4, and 5 for each class.

Once you identify areas to improve, discuss specific ways that your child or teen can make changes. Getting them to come up with and vocalize ideas themselves is important. For example, with keeping track of assignments, using an electronic planner system, keeping the school provided planner open to the current week, and having check-ins at home to review a plan of action each evening for homework are a few potential ideas. Writing down these ways to improve and creating a plan to execute them would be best.

In addition to things that your child/teen can do themselves or that you can do to assist,  determining if other supports are needed such as a tutor, executive functioning coach, therapist, or more supports at school (i.e., updating or getting 504 Plan or IEP) would be good to think about.

I hope that this is helpful in enabling you to more effectively evaluate your child or teen’s academic needs and help them make changes as needed in the second part of the semester.

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