DC Sniper Malvo Could be Resentenced in County Murders

Lee Boyd Malvo could be resentenced in Montgomery County based on a 2012 Supreme Court ruling declaring mandatory life sentences for juveniles unconstitutional. Malvo, currently imprisoned in Virginia for his crimes there, was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences without parole for murders in Montgomery County 21 years ago.

In October of 2002, John Allen Muhammad and Malvo terrorized the county, killing six residents, targeting them out of the trunk of a car. After a three-week manhunt, they were apprehended at a Maryland rest stop.

On Monday in Montgomery County Circuit Court, Malvo now 38, appeared by video in the court of Judge Sharon Burrell. The appearance was part of logistical considerations of how to go about his resentencing.

According to the State’s Attorney’s office, several relatives of victims also attended the hearing virtually. State’s Attorney John McCarthy was quoted as saying victims’ families do not want a retrial.

Questions remain as to how and when such a sentencing could take place. Virtual sentencing in such a serious matter does not seem to be a consideration. And bringing Malvo to the county poses its own set of security challenges.

It is possible Malvo could serve out his Virginia prison time before being resentenced here. Any arrangements for resentencing would need the agreement of both the Maryland and Virginia governors.

Currently, Malvo is housed at Red Onion State Prison, a supermax facility in Southern Virginia.

His next hearing in Judge Burrell’s courtroom is scheduled for Dec. 1.


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