“3 Weeks of Hell”: Snipers Captured

The DC Snipers were apprehended on October 24, 2002 after a deadly shooting spree begun three weeks earlier. It left 10 people dead and three injured. MCM’s presentation of “3 Weeks of Hell: The DC Sniper Attacks, 20 Years Later”, hosted by Chris Gordon, takes a look back at a time when normal daily life in the county ceased to exist.

The first chapter of the show, “Montgomery County Police Respond to Random Shootings“, gives an inside look at the first few days of the police investigation headed by former Police Chief Charles Moose through former police spokesperson, Lucille Baur. Chapter 2, “County Under Seige“, includes news footage from 2002. Gordon talks with sniper task force member David Reichenbaugh about the investigation that included police from Montgomery County, Maryland State Police, the ATF and the FBI.

Chapter 3 tells the story of the capture of the two snipers, John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, on Oct. 24, 2002. Earlier in the day, an arrest warrant was issued for Muhammad and Malvo with a description of their car. In a matter of hours, a tip came in – the car was spotted at a rest stop along interstate 70 in Frederick County, Md. Former Maryland State Trooper David Reichenbaugh describes his role as the incident commander and the tactical decisions made to capture Muhammad and Malvo.

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